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Leandro Almonacid, Natalia Pessacg, Boris Diaz, Oscar Bonfili y Pablo L. Peri

Manuscrito recibido el 7 de noviembre de 2019, en su versión final el 15 de septiembre de 2020


Precipitation is an essential variable to characterize the climate and the hydrological cycle of a region. However, there are vast regions, such as southern Patagonia, with a lack of rainfall networks for adequate representation of regional precipitation patterns. The objective of this work was to generate a griddedprecipitation database for Santa Cruz province (Argentina). For this, a quality control and homogeneity test of available precipitation series was performed, and the Ordinary Kriging technique was used for interpolation. Then, annual and seasonal reticulated precipitation for the period 1995-2014 with a resolution of 20 km was obtained. This griddedprecipitation database for Santa Cruz (RPDSC) showed a good performance by performing an independent validation with pluviometric stations not used in the model. Also, RPDSC satisfactorily represented the interaction with topography, atmospheric circulation and proximity to oceans. Therefore, this new database represents a useful tool as an input in hydrological and ecological models.On the other hand, different statistics were used to evaluate five global databases regarding validation stations.The results showed a better performance in the annual product and the average of the seasonal ones for BPRSC, while ERA5 showed better performance in the summer season and a slightly better result than BPRSC in the fall season.