Semestral Journal of Centro Argentino de Meteorólogos, which is published  since 1970 and serves on the Core of Argentine Scientific Journals since 2005. Meteorologica publishes original papers in the field of atmospheric sciences and oceanography.

Registration number of intellectual property: RL-2018-42420861-APN-DNDA#MJ

ISSN 1850-468X

RALDA discount

Discount in publication for articles presented in RALDA 2016

The Board of Centro Argentino de Meteorologos and the Editorial Board of the Journal, decided to grant a 30% discount on the cost of publication in the Journal Articles/Notes that are sent to Meteorologica and they are accepted for publication, which they have been previously presented at the XVI Reunión Argentina y VIII Latinoamericana de Agrometeorología to be held in Puerto Madryn from 21 to 23 September 2016.

This benefit will be effective for all those Articles/Notes that are sent to Meteorologica until March 31, 2017.