Semestral Journal of Centro Argentino de Meteorólogos, which is published  since 1970 and serves on the Core of Argentine Scientific Journals since 2005. Meteorologica publishes original papers in the field of atmospheric sciences and oceanography.

Registration number of intellectual property: RL-2018-42420861-APN-DNDA#MJ

ISSN 1850-468X

New publication fees

In efect since March 2016

The Executive Committee of CAM has approved in its meeting on March 21, 2016 a change in the payment scheme of the articles to be published in Meteorologica. All manuscirpts accepted from 21.3.2016 must pay the full costs of publication before they can be published as online (either preliminary or final version).
The new publication costs are:

CAM members (*): $ 2000 Non CAM members: $ 3500

CAM members (*): $ 1200 Non CAM members: $ 2100

(*) At least one of the authors must be CAM member.

Values above do not include additional discounts that can be applied (eg. Published in the CONGREMET).